Is a professional manufacturer in products and Hospital Furniture.
Have; diffents products, and have differents qualities (ISO, CE, TUV, FDA, GMP). We Have; plenty experience of offering professional and reliable products. Therefore we stronger believe that our products will meet your requirements and approval. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further assistance and information.
We have; 3 major goals and aims of our company´s prosperous to grow, reasonable prices, strict quality control, punctual delivery and we look forward to having the precious opportunities to serve for you soon.

Disponsable Products: (Insulin Syringes, Syringe 3cc, 5 cc, 10cc, 20 cc, Infusion set "y" long 1.90or 2.10; needles, I.V. Cateter, Tubes, Catether, Resuscitators, mask silicon, face mask, )
Sutures: (nylon, silk, catgut chromic and simple, polyglycolic acid, polyester, etc).
Surgical Instrumental Stainless Steel: Artery forceps (Halsted – Mosquito), Bandage scissors, Bed pan, Blade Holders, buckets with or without lid, Clamp forceps, Diagnostic Set, Dilator set, Dissecting and tissue forceps, douche irrigator cans, Dressing Jar, Dressing scissors, ear speculum, ENT Set, Episiotomy scissors, fetal scope (Pinard fetal scope),forceps jar,Gallipots,Hysterometer sims,Ioodine cups, iris scissors,kidney tray, Laryngoscopes (Guedel – Negus blade, Mcintos blade, Miller blade), Ligature scissors,lotion bowls,mayo tray,Measuring Jug;nasal speculum, Needle holder,Neurological Buck Hammer; Dejerine hammer,OperationScissors, Retractors, Sets major and minor surgery, Spatulas,spitten mugs,surgical box,thermometer jar, tongue depressors,Trays with lid,Tweezers,urinal,Vaginal speculums, wash basic and more....

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If you need anything and is not, please call us gladly resolve your concerns and comments!.

PBX: 786 +4103717
FAX: 866 +4809591

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